IP68 cable joint / plastic / for low-voltage cables / gel



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    for low-voltage cables, gel


LEDJOY is an innovative gel insulated junction device for connecting small cross-section cables from 0.5 to 1.5 mm2 with IP68 protection degree.
Versatility of use: urban and civic lighting (street lighting systems,
road and carriageway signs, gardens, fountains, walkover ground lighting), indoor residential and ambient lighting, LED lighting systems, video-surveillance systems, industrial and civil automation (barriers, gates, machine board systems)
LEDJOY shell is made up of:
• a self-extinguishing rigid plastic outer shell that guarantees
the mechanical protection of the connection
• flexible walls for gel retention, allowing easy cable housing
• watertight gaskets for complete sealing.
LEDJOY shell is made by co-moulded technology which allows to get maximum performance with a reduced number of components to be assembled.
2 alternative connectors are included : 2-pole insulated spring connector, 3-pole insulated screw-type clamping connector.
The innovative features of LEDJOY® shell together with silicone gel technology guarantee IP68 protection degree without the need for cable glands. Total protection from water, dust, debris, and weathering.
The silicone gel inside LEDJOY® guarantees high long-term protection and insulation, preventing moisture entering the shell, the rise of moisture along the cable due to capillary action, and the formation of condensation inside the appliances, a frequent cause of damage (especially LED lighting fixtures).
With its compact circular shape and small size, LEDJOY® can also be installed in narrow spaces, and can be used in cable ducts, corrugated pipes,
poles, and supporting structures
LEDJOY is riaccesible and ecofriendly.

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