formaldehyde analyzer / air / nitrogen dioxide / carbon dioxide



  • Measured entity:

    carbon dioxide, air, nitrogen dioxide, particle

  • Other characteristics:

    continuous, formaldehyde


NEMo is the first portable logger of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) to continuously and selectively measure confinement and formaldehyde with the levels stipulated for indoor air quality.

Design houses, building users, or public organizations can thus easily set up monitoring campaigns. A single button is all that is required to collect the data and generate complete, visual reports.

Continuous measurement of these parameters, along with new management and analysis software, allow accurate analysis of occupants’ exposure to pollutants and identification of pollution peaks. The manager can thus undertake highly effective and more economic corrective actions best suited to the type of building: optimization of ventilation, development of “best practices” (opening windows, cleaning schedules,… ).

Most relevant parameters of IAQ in a single device
Exclusive and ultra sensitive technology of nanoporous sensors
Non Dispersive Infra Red (NDIR) measurement of CO2 in accordance with IAQ standards.
Compact, robust, easy to use and install
Possible extension to other gases
Multi-parameter IAQ indicator
Turnkey diagnosis mode
A unique technology for sensitive and selective measurement of formaldehyde
NEMo incorporates an innovative and exclusive measurement technology developed by ETHERA*. This technology is based on ultra-sensitive nanoporous materials and offers high performances comparable to conventional methods (i.e. gas chromatography).