modular belt conveyor / for the food industry / sturdy / long-distance
MB-flex Q



  • Technology:

    modular belt

  • Sector:

    for the food industry

  • Other characteristics:

    sturdy, long-distance, sorting


The module belt system MB-flex Q is a straight and robust conveyor system for many different applications in various industries.

This system was developed with a view to optimised tensile and wear resistance and is characterised by high reliability. The bevelled edges easily warrant lateral transfers and an interference-free product flow. Optionally, the module belt system MB-flex Q may be designed as a bi-directional system; it is suitable for sort as well as for long conveyor distances.

The system has a high temperature and wear resistance and is easy to clean due to its unique connection system. Friction surfaces for elimination of risers and drops complement the performance range of this conveyor system.