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hydraulic oil / mineral oil-based / for metals / for chain
Eurol Slideway Oil 32



  • Function:


  • Type:

    mineral oil-based

  • Product applications:

    for metals, for chain, for plastics

  • Other characteristics:

    anti-corrosion, high-performance

  • Field:

    for the metallurgical industry

  • Viscosity:

    Max.: 0.000032 m²/s

    Min.: 0.000006 m²/s

  • Operating temperature:

    Max.: 187 °C (369 °F)

    Min.: -9 °C (16 °F)


High performance lubricant for metal and plastic slideways

Eurol® Slideway Oil is a series of new high performance oils, recommended for the lubrication of both metal, as well as plastic slideways.

Eurol® Slideway Oil provides excellent friction characteristics and lubricity, eliminating 'stick-slip'. Because of this, a very good surface finish can be achieved, with less production rejects.

Eurol® Slideway Oil has excellent demulsifying properties and will not drip, which extends the lifetime of both the slideway oil, as well as the cutting fluid. Oxidation and corrosion inhibitors keep the oil and the machine tool in a perfect condition.

Besides an excellent protection against corrosion, Eurol® Slideway Oil also offers a strong and stable lubricant film.

Eurol® Slideway Oil can also be used in hydraulic systems, as a chain oil in circulating lubrication systems and for the lubrication of conveyor belts.