CNC punching machine / hydraulic / electric / for metal sheets
mtx plus flex 6 series



  • Control:


  • Drive type:

    hydraulic, electric

  • Product handled:

    for metal sheets

  • Associated function:

    forming, bending, engraving, marking, tapping

  • Other characteristics:

    auto-index, high-speed

  • Pressing force:

    220 kN, 300 kN


C- Frame monoblock
The new frame with an increase of dimensions enables the machine to operate with higher speeds thus ensuring greater stability and working precision.
Our machine frame is a normalized nodular cast iron monoblock in Meehanite® with 700N/mm2, designed with FEM (Finite Element Method), punching head directly built into the monoblock frame. In practical terms this means a more robust (no welding points), precise and reliable structure being at the same time compact, hence using less floor space and allowing flexibility in loading different sheet sizes.

Tooling flexibility beyond conventional means
Choose the setup you need: from Single tool (A, B, C or D up to Ø 88,90 mm) to Multitool. Why talk about number of “stations”? What you need is the flexibility to easily and quickly setup your machine with the proper tools needed for your job. Euromac gives you this flexibility, we talk about number of “tools” (up to 66 total tools and 30 indexable, on MTX models).