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weight indicator controller / pressure / for concrete



  • Measured value:

    weight, pressure

  • Applications:

    for concrete


ISM is the intelligent terminal created specifically for installation on mixer trucks. This innovative device is able to communicate with the global control system of the “BETONSYSTEM” production cycle by means of a specific, fixed receiving instrument located at the loading point and consequently to extend management potential also to include the delicate and important phase of “transporting and delivering the product”.
- BASIC VERION: numerous events can be executed automatically (without the operator).
- INTERMEDIATE VERSION: for the detection and control of the "SLUMP" during the loading and delivery. It collects and send to the automation system several information detected during shipping, such as the addition of water, time of arrival at the yard, stops, etc.
- I.S.M. AND BETONSAT: it manages the truck identification number and truck in position and ready for working information, it is able to detect in real time the geographical position of the truck by means of GPS satellite detection technologies.This equipment sends, via SMS/DATA messages to the peripheral unit of the central CARTOGRAPHIC – BETONSYSTEM system, all the information including the position and speed of the truck, timetable, estimated of return, etc. This system can also store the route the truck has travelled, the places it stopped at and the length of time it stayed in each place..