spray atomizing nozzle / for liquids

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spray atomizing nozzle / for liquids spray atomizing nozzle / for liquids - PA5


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    for liquids


PA5 automatic spray guns
The PA5 atomizing gun can spray both full cone and flat jet by adjusting the retainer at the end of the nozzle.
The atomizing gun PA5, is nickel plated aluminium made, as well as its air nozzle, while the metal regulating rings and the inner needle are constructed in brass.
The seals and packing are in Viton.
The gun has an inlet for liquid with 1/8” BSP thread and an inlet for air with 1/8” BSP thread.
An auxiliary inlet for air (marked with capital letter A) is available and it should be connected and supplied separately from mixing air inlet.
Auxiliary air inlet is useful for air spraying only: to clean the area before treatment with liquid or to accelerate drying process after atomization with the fluid.
There are two threaded connections M8 (1) both side of the body for mounting and fixing of the gun.

The innumerable range of variations for all components: liquid inlet (besides any variation of pressure in plant supply), quantity of mixing air supply in the installation and made by the screws for regulation and hand grip placed on the nozzle, makes capacity range and droplet size diameters on cone and flat spray extremely wide.

Capacity could be near to 0 Lt/h with screw for needle regulation completely closed, and by adjusting air pressure this nozzle produces fog with small droplets, or a jet with bigger ones.

Maximum capacity with water at 4 bar, air at 4 bar and regulating hand grip opened is about 195Lt/h with a fine atomization.
See table below as an example of possible capacities range.