ionizing air blower / single-stage / charge detection ionizer



  • Type:

    ionizing air

  • Number of stages:


  • Other characteristics:

    charge detection ionizer

  • Operating pressure:

    0.7 bar (10.153 psi)


The Ion Air Cannon by EXAIR eliminates static electricity, being able to clean at distances of up to 15 feet without any moving parts. The products are ideal for machine mounting, bench-tops and other similar applications which require a concentrated flow of static eliminating ions. The rugged design incorporates the Super Air Amplifier patented by EXAIR, minimizing the use of compressed air with the induction of the surrounding airflow, at a ratio of 22:1.

The airflow is responsible for carrying ions to the target, which makes it possible to eliminate static charges in less than half a second. Finally, the item comes complete with a sturdy stand, which incorporates a swivel adjustment that is responsible for directing the airflow. Finally, a tube or hose can be easily connected to the air intake.