machine tool vise / manual / low-profile / 5-axis machining
FT 02063



  • Applications:

    for machine tools

  • Operation:


  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    5-axis machining

  • Max. clamping force:

    18 kN

  • Stroke:

    Max.: 38 mm

    Min.: 0 mm


The FT 02063 CentroClamp from Ftool International has a five-axis machining center which can be manually or automatically loaded. The instrument can accommodate various types and sizes of workpieces for applications in different fields.

If the machining process occurs on the center of the production machine's operation range, the programming is significantly simplified. The unit features a short changeover time, enhanced flexibility, fast component changes, and improved production output.

The suggested tightening torque for the unit is at 60Nm. It works with a maximum clamping power of 18 kN and a repeatability of +/-- 0.01 mm. The clamp can travel a distance of 0 to 38 mm, while the grid dimension jaw can be adjusted to up to 12 mm.