pneumatic cylinder / double-acting / stainless steel
Square Pancake® II series



  • Type:


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel

  • Stroke :

    4 in


The square pancake II air cylinders are available in four styles: dual acting, single end rod, dual acting and dual end rod, single acting spring retraction rod, and reverse acting spring extend rod. These cylinders feature 8 Bore Sizes (3/4" to 4") and 4” standard strokes.

They are comprised of self-lubricating compound body and clear anodized aluminum alloy heads. These units also have stainless steel tie bolts for durability, and the Prelubed with Magnalube-G® Grease that secures operation.

The piston rods of stainless steel with chrome-plated head provide optimum performance. They offer air service up to 200 PSI, and a minimum operating pressure of 15 psi. The temperature rating of the cylinder is -25° to +225°F (-32° to + 121° C), while the temperature rating of the sensors is -4° to +176°F (-20° to + 80° C).

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