mechanical press line / blanking / with automatic feeder / servo-driven



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    blank, servo-driven, with automatic feeder


The need for cutting blanks adapted to the final shape of the part gives rise to the need for cutting them with a specific die. Fagor Arrasate is able to deliver a complete installation able to exceed Customer’s needs.

In these lines, Fagor uses a conventional mechanical press or a servopress ( which all the elements of automation, high production and ergonomics required), together with a coil feeding line and high precision stacking designed for processing exposed material , such as that used for car bodywork.

This whole complex system is controlled by a central computer, and the whole system can be prepared automatically from the control panel in a very short time.

The system is designed to provide solutions for the different types of surfaces and sheet metal characteristics which together make up car structure (zinc coatings, high-strength steel, different thicknesses, etc…).