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rectangular anti-vibration mount / rubber / for heavy-duty applications / spring damper
FSL Coil Spring Isolators



  • Configuration:


  • Material:


  • Applications:

    for heavy-duty applications

  • Other characteristics:

    spring damper

  • Static load:

    Min.: 28 kN

    Max.: 170 kN


Farrat’s range of heavy duty structural coil spring isolation systems provides low frequency vibration isolation for large structures and industrial equipment. They have been used worldwide for a wide range of applications. Load range from 3kg up to 3,818kg per mount.

FSL Coil Spring Isolation systems:
-used to provide both active and passive vibration isolation with natural frequencies down to 3Hz to isolate disturbing frequencies down to 6Hz
- Farrat will design the isolation system to meet a customer’s specific technical requirements and provide construction drawings, installation instructions and optional installation supervision with all FSL Coil Springs.

FSLV Coil Spring and Viscous Damper Isolators:
- combine an FV viscous damper into a modified FSL Coil Spring Isolator to provide a compact integrated unit.

Where a system is likely to go pass through or near resonance and excessive movement is a concern, it is recommended that FV Viscous Dampers are used in conjunction with the FSL springs - this combination of FSL Coil Spring Isolators and FV Viscous Dampers also provides excellent shock absorption.

Typical Applications;
- Roll grinding machines
- Power generation equipment (compressors, pumps, fans, gas and steam turbines, condensers)
- Crushing, milling and shredding equipment
- Oil and gas offshore platforms
- Building Structures (isolated foundations)