dynamic mixer / continuous / gas

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dynamic mixer / continuous / gas dynamic mixer / continuous / gas


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The FC Technik module allows to mix two different non korrosive gas streams, accuratly
and independend from changing pressure situations on the gas outlet side.
Heart of the module are two mass flow controller of the flox[on] series.
The measurement of the flox[on] mass flow controller is temperature and
pressure compensated with a very high control accuracyin the lower and
upper flow ranges.

Depending on customers requirements it is possible to combine different types
of flox[on] to cover a raThe adjustment control of the flox[on] mass flow controller uses a pressure
compensated proportional valve of the most recent design, which makes it
unsusceptible to pressure fluctuations in the in- and outlet.
The flox[on] mass flow controller is equipped with a high-performance micro-
controller. This guarantees an unusually quick and dynamic regulation.
FC Technik guarantees for every flox[on]:
• Extremely high accuracy in lower flow range
• Pressure insensitive from 0-16 bar (in- and outlet)
• Maintanance free
• Factory guarantee 24 months
Advantages are:
• Low operation costs
• Low investment costs
• Maintanance free
• Easy to handle
• Safe operation
• Constant mixing results