rotary vane air motor / ATEX / compact
Air motors low rotation

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rotary vane air motor / ATEX / compact rotary vane air motor / ATEX / compact - Air motors low rotation


  • Technology.:

    rotary vane

  • Other characteristics:

    ATEX, compact

  • Rotational speed:

    Min.: 50 rpm (314.16 rad.min-1)

    Max.: 350 rpm (2,199.11 rad.min-1)

  • Power:

    Min.: 160 W

    Max.: 280 W


Industrial air motors:
solutions for
every need
Compact, performing, light, reliable: Fiam industrial
air motors represent the ideal solution for many
Available in non-reversible or reversible version, they can
advantageously be used for mixing liquid substances,
moving, drilling, milling, grinding, sawing and so on.
Therefore they can be installed on conveyor belts,
machine tools, automatic feed devices and on bottling
machines, foodstuff processing, packing, manufacturing
of buttons and glass objects, on textiles machines,
bookbinding, plastics, paint-spraying, assembly, drilling,
threading, grinding, stud driving, etc.
They are are extremely sturdy and they guarantee
constant performances also in difficult working conditions.
Compact and light, they are easy to use in every
situation; moreover, thanks to their extremely reduced
dimensions, they are a quarter of the equivalent electric
These motors are very versatile; they can be customized
for particular applications requiring specific motor
design and construction.
Fiam is able to develop these solutions with
customized motors to satisfy customer’s
specific needs: a great competitive
advantage, especially when the motor
has to be integrated within a certain
type of equipment or within a
particular type of tool.