coalescing separator / oil / water / for water treatment



  • Technology:


  • Separated substance:

    oil, water

  • Application domain:

    for water treatment

  • Flow rate:

    Min.: 100 l/h (26.417 us gal/h)

    Max.: 1,000 l/h (264.172 us gal/h)


The non-pressurised MSEB-DL oil-water separator is a patented
mechanical emulsion and suds breaker. It is used to maintain in-
dustrial washing baths and water-based cooling lubricants by
separating outside oils from the medium being maintained.
An eccentric screw pump (available separately) conveys the medium from the inside to the outside through the coalescence elements. Here, outside oils are separated by the patented microfibre
elements. This is done by screening, flow path interference, impact, and adhesion.
Tiny drops of outside oil to form into ever larger
drops that due to the difference in density and buoyancy rise out of the
elements and collect as a film on the surface. Along
with the flow of the continuous phase, the film flows to the outlet of the system, where it is then skimmed off via a height-adjustable drainage channel.
The continuous phase is conveyed via a double dam to the outlet
and is non-pressurised when it leaves the system. It can be discharged via hydrostatic pressure into tanks (not included) positioned
underneath. The oil phase is held back by the dam, preventing remixture.