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ultrasonic cleaning machine ultrasonic cleaning machine - Corus range


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Core values for maintenance cleaning
The new FinnSonic Corus line has been designed for both the general industrial maintenance cleaning and for mould and tool cleaning. FinnSonic Corus is a smart product line with flexible configurations for an optimal cleaning result.

Main benefits
Ultrasonic cleaning has many advantages in industrial maintenance cleaning of production equipment

Fast and powerful – saves time and labour
Gentle – non-abrasive to the base material
Precise – cleans also complex structures with holes and channels
Environmentally friendly - low energy and water consumption
Ergonomic - user-friendly design
Safe – a controlled cleaning process in an enclosed space

With FinnSonic Corus you can count on the production equipment’s reliable operation and achieving a high level of cleanliness.

FinnSonic Genius ultrasonic technology - constant maximum performance and high level of cleanliness
Modular – flexible process configuration for an optimal cleaning result
Value for money
Safe and pleasant working environment with good ergonomics and low noise level

Three main versions
FinnSonic Corus standard modules for general maintenance cleaning
FinnSonic Corus HD standard modules for mould and tool cleaning
FinnSonic Corus X customer tailored modules for maintenance cleaning

Examples of maintenance cleaning applications

Filters, sieves, heat exchangers
Vehicle repair: carburettors, chains, nozzles, cylinder heads, filters
Mechanical industry: bearings, blades, nozzles, valves, sensors
Process industry: valves, nozzles, sealings, measuring devices,
Pump parts, pneumatic and hydraulic parts
Dye, ink, paint, urethane, epoxy removal