video corpo

meat industrial cooker / vacuum / with mixer / automatic



  • Food product:

    for meat

  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    with mixer, automatic


Sous vide cooker, with blade and mixer, is ideal for the extremely rapid transformation and processing of raw materials at low temperatures. With this machine for vacuum cooking you can easily produce 20 kg of jam in less than 15 minutes, 50 kg of Bolognese sauce in 35 minutes, mirepoix and browning included.
Machine for jams and preserves: sous vide cooking is easy
High-P is the new system of sous vide cooking at a low temperature that combines the new mixer, patented for cutting and homogenisation, and the innovative vacuum technology to reduce and keep intact the organoleptic properties of foods. More than just a machine for jams and preserves, it is a technologically advanced piece of equipment indispensable in any professional kitchen.

A versatile automatic and dynamic cooker that has a series of advantages:

Airless cooking
Storage of liquids
Increased yield of finished product
Dynamic sous vide

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