liquid level indicator / electronic / digital / for tanks



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    for tanks


The EA14F is an intelligent multi-
function level instrument that measures
and displays level when connected to an
NC54 or NC56 Capacitive Level Trans-
mitter. The measured value can (optio-
nally) be transmitted to the EA14F as a
standardised 2-wire or 3-wire electrical
signal. Its programmable limit detection
functions enables it also to act as an ac-
curate and versatile level switch.
Principles of Operation
The electronic module converts the ana-
logue signal from the level transmitter
and then digitally processes these valu-
es. The microcontroller based EA14F
has a high degree of user programmabi-
lity, making it a truly versatile device.
The electronic module computes the le-
vel, controls the local digital display and
(optionally) produces a new analogue
signal output. The measurements can
be filtered, scaled, inverted or linearised
through a user-defined look-up table.