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vacuum dryer / continuous / cooler vacuum dryer / continuous / cooler


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As the final installation crossed by the sugar before its packing, Cail & Fletcher multitube dryer-cooler dries and cools the sugar. This unique piece of equipment preserves and reduces crystal damage for better storage and conservation of the sugar.
For more than 50 years, Cail & Fletcher multitube dryer-cooler has been appreciated by more than 100 customers and has proven to be very efficient for drying all type of sugars (refined, raw, plantation white, etc).

The multitube design for drying and cooling results in a very compact installation. Cail & Fletcher multitube dryer-cooler can handle large capacities and be installed in an existing building even where space is limited.

Reduced maintenance
The dryer drum is mounted between two heavy duty spherical roller bearings, driven by a single shaft mounted geared motor removing the usual issues of the path rings, support rollers, chains and unsightly grease contamination. The inside of the installation works under vacuum with reinforced sealing ; thus the building remains clean and without any sugar dust.

Preserved crystal
The effects of erosion and crystal damage are eliminated thanks to a reduced height of fall in Cail & Fletcher multitube dryer-cooler's tubes.

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