centrifugal mixer mill / compact

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centrifugal mixer mill / compact centrifugal mixer mill / compact


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Fives offers a range of extraction plants from 4,000 to 14,000 metric tons beet per day which covers all market conditions.
Cail & Fletcher TowerMax extracts the juice from the sliced cossettes by osmosis.

Fives' new beet extraction system produces a high purity, low temperature raw juice and a high dry substance pulp suitable for pressing.

It includes :

Cail & Fletcher EcoMixer, counter-current cossette mixer
Cail & Fletcher TowerMax-tower diffuser
Cail & Fletcher EcoMixer is also suitable for preparation of cossettes before the RT diffuser.

Compact equipment
Outdoor installation
Small footprint
Proven technology
This technology is nowadays the most used for the beet juice extraction. It has a highly robust design which offers a low draught. Cail & Fletcher TowerMax has an efficient ratio of installed to consumed power thanks to its full operation.

Reduced maintenance
Cail & Fletcher TowerMax mechanical design is simpler than rotating diffusers, making maintenance operations easy and limited.