thermal imaging camera / infrared / multi-spectral / handheld
FLIR T600-Series



  • Function:

    thermal imaging

  • Spectrum:

    infrared, multi-spectral

  • Other characteristics:

    handheld, for HVAC installations, InGaAs


This 5MP visual-camera is capable of providing extremely High performance thermal imaging. It boasts of impressive features such as interchangeable lens options, auto-focus, and large 4.3" touchscreen LCD. These cameras exhibit an excellent amalgamation of state of the art ergonomics and excellent image quality. The output of these cameras have enhanced image clarity and accuracy. These also provide a number of communication options.
Some of the other features that make this product stand out are Highest IR resolution in its class, accurate thermal images with 307,200 pixels (640×480 / T620 and T640) and pictures and temperature measurements from long range. The precision focus of these cameras can be controlled manually. Its auto focus is the fastest in its class which assures state of the art clarity to go with excellent accuracy and efficiency. MSX® enhancement Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging in this machine enhances the IR images by adding visible-spectrum. This feature enables you to recognize the problem locations. This also comes with an auto-orientation mode. You can also easily match the visible camera field of view to the IR FOV.