thermal imaging camera / infrared / focal plane array / GigE
FLIR SC5000 Series



  • Function:

    thermal imaging

  • Spectrum:


  • Sensor:

    focal plane array

  • Interface:


  • Other characteristics:

    cooled, for microscopes


The FLIR SC5000 Series thermal imaging cameras are suitable for educational, industrial, and thermography applications.

SC5000 delivers maximum sensitivity and accuracy due to its high spatial resolution. It features 320x256 or 640x512 pixels format Indium Antimonide (InSb) focal plane array. This results in an exceptional frame rate of 380 Hz (320x256) or 100 Hz (640x512), yet providing outstanding linearity and sensitivity.

Reduce noise and improved pixel rate, with no compromise on sensitivity, are provided through FLIR's advanced read out integrated circuit (ROIC) technology. Capturing of images is synchronized to events lasting for a shortest period by the intelligent external trigger function.

The FLIR SC5000 Series is plug & play in a truest sense. It uses either GigE or CAMLINK interfaces for transmission of both commands as well as dynamic range digital videos. The camera can be quickly setup using the autofocus embedded lens.