process control imaging system / thermal
FLIR A315 / A615



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    for process control, thermal


FLIR A-series has several key features that make it an infrared camera with world-class performance. It uses the GigE Vision standard compatibility which is an industry first. GigE Vision is the latest camera interface standard developed using the Gigabit Ethernet communication protocol.

GigE Vision is the first standard that allows fast image transfer using ordinary standard cables that is not affected by long distances. Software and hardware from different brands can work together using GigE connections with the GigE Vision.

GenICam was designed with one goal in mind, that is, to come up with a programming interface for all kinds of cameras. The application program interface or API will remain the same regardless of the features implement or the interface technology used such as 1394 DCAM, Camera Link and GigE Vision. The GenICam protocol also makes using third party software in the camera possible.