thermal imaging system / for exterior security applications
FLIR PT-Series



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    for exterior security applications


PT-Series thermal security cameras come with some amazing features such as a Network-Ready Pan-Tilt and a multi sensor design. They are capable of showing you clear visuals in total darkness and in bad weather. The PT-Series precision pan/tilt mechanism is another high point of this device. This feature gives it an accurate pointing control. It also provides customer fully programmable scan patterns, radar slew-to-cue, and slew-to-alarm functionality.
These cameras are available in 160 × 120, 320 × 240, and high-resolution 640 × 480 formats. These formats provide the customers features such as longer threat detection range performance than lower resolution thermal cameras along with up to sixteen times the image clarity. It comes in a number of configurations including day/night 36× zoom color CCD camera on the same pan/tilt package.