thermal imaging camera / infrared / HD / microbolometer
MCT 1500/3000 Modules



  • Function:

    thermal imaging

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The MCT 1500/3000 cores were originally designed for use with Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEM. They can be integrated easily into infrared systems that need a cooled and advanced thermal imaging solution.

The MCT 1500/3000 modules are installed with a mid-wave mercury cadmium telluride or MCT detector that operates in the 3-5 μm waveband. This offers quality, long-range detection in any weather condition. The MCT 1500 also has two different fields of view while the MTC 3000 is equipped with three different fields of view.

This gives good situational awareness with the possibility of having a closing look at suspect activities as soon as they are detected. The MC 3000 and MCT 1500 produce clear and crisp thermal 640 x 512 pixel images. This allows the viewer to see even the smallest of details.