thermal imaging camera / infrared / multi-spectral / microbolometer
Quark Uncooled Cores



  • Function:

    thermal imaging

  • Spectrum:

    infrared, multi-spectral

  • Sensor:



A quantum increase at the forefront in the plan and ability of lengthy-wave thermal camera hubs, Quark offers top-edge picturing presentation and dependability in a solid, frivolous wrap up. Quarks ground-breaking plan is facilitated by wafer-height wrapping of the micro-bolometer detector. Important characteristics comprise: Ultra-minimum capacity and little accumulation: allows novel applications in more miniature parcels, obtainable in both 336 and 640 resolution with 17-micron pixels, superior shock and shaking forbearance: planned for years of upholding-free function, less current Consumption: obtains the most from obtainable power, reasonably priced: Inexpensive in both small and big amounts and 30 or 60 Hertz Field changeable framework Rates (only for Quark 336): adaptability for an extensive variety of uses