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DTX CableAnalyzer™ Series



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The Fluke Networks’ DTX CableAnalyzer chain is the experimenting podium for nowadays and tomorrow. This innovative future-proof podium considerably lessens overall time to confirm by humanizing each feature of the experimenting procedure. DTX CableAnalyzer chain considerably lessens your overall time to confirm. Time is cash. DTX puts you aside both with Cat 6 documentation in nine seconds. Sophisticated analytics are capable of troubleshooting errors two times quickly. Quickest arrangement and effects administration times, and tester precision go beyond the IIIe, UL and IV levels. Precision categorization: It begins with nine-second Cat 6 Automatic test. That denotes one can convene ISO 11801:2002 and TIA-568-C certification necessities and get prearranged cabling guarantees quicker than forever before. By means of all this pace as well, comes the maximum precision because the DTX is the only checker to employ a principles-obedient, electrically-focused eternal bond test adapter. Moreover, the DTX-1800 truthfully transports on the guarantee of a future-proofing outlay by gauging 10 Gig wire...