fiber laser marking machine / pulsed fiber laser / benchtop / hand-held



  • Technique:

    fiber laser, pulsed fiber laser

  • Configuration:

    benchtop, hand-held

  • Other characteristics:

    programmable, automated, compact, high-definition, for hardened materials, deep, for PCB, stainless steel, cable, traceability, mobile, for glass, desk, for wood, vision system, for non-metals, computer-controlled, for aluminum, for electronic components, for plastics, with identification, for jewelery, data-matrix, for metal


The Foba M 1000 laser marking station is a compact laser marking workstation and it is ideal for precise markings on small batches of individual parts. As such, it is perfect for applications in medical industry or for making all sorts of metal and plastic parts.
It is capable of processing both individual parts and small batches of parts and it always preserves a high quality marking features and is very economical.
This class 1 laser station has a programmable Z-axis, a wide opening door and a small work table. It is easy to access from three sides which makes it very efficient and handy. The wide variety of lasers can be used with M 1000 and that ensures that almost any material can be processed in it. The air cooled lasers are very reliable and don’t require maintenance.