scissor lifting table / electric / mobile / for welding applications



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    for welding applications


Electric lift mobiles from Förster Welding Systems offer the highest possible mobility and flexibility in transport of heavy stocks in association with the work on your workpiece. The combination of manoeuvrability, mobility and the innovative T-slot-system allow free areal working around the workpiece. An easy control delivers the ergnomically remote control on the bail. Simple mainteance and flexibility of the tabletop ensure the patent-registered railsystem, which is everytime easy exchange- or replaceable. Furthermore is it impossible that ferritic scratches occur on the easy cleanable surface, what leads to a long product life and stability.

For optimal usage of the electric lift mobile and individual disposition of the belonging 3D-clambing-system offer Förster Welding Systems a huge range of clambing elements, stops, brackets and other accessories.

Förster Welding Systems realize individual customer fulfillments by implementing several contructions in a modular kit principle and offers in addition other solutions in automation, robitics or fixtures.