AC energy network analyzer / power quality / for integration / digital
Q96U4L, Q96U4H



  • Measured entity:

    AC energy network

  • Measured value:

    power quality

  • Configuration:

    for integration

  • Other characteristics:

    digital, RS485


Multifunction network analyser, suitable for three-phase three or four wires systems with unbalanced load, even with distorted waveforms. It permits the display, on a single unit, of all the main characteristic variables of an electric network, including active and reactive energy counting, greatly reducing the complexity and the costs of installation. In addition to the standard RS485 interface with ModBus protocol, the following options are avaiable: max. 4 alarm outputs 2 of them alternatively programmable as pulse outputs for active and reactive energy retransmission, max. 12 analog outputs (with additional max. 6 alarm outputs) fully configurable on site.
The Q96U4H version has an additional, very advanced measuring variable pack, for a better control of the system and an easier supervision.

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