electrical network analyzer / power quality / for integration / digital



  • Measured entity:

    for electrical networks

  • Measured value:

    power quality

  • Configuration:

    for integration

  • Other characteristics:

    digital, RS485


Multifunction network analysers, suitable for three-phase three or four wires systems unbalanced load, even with distorted waveforms. It displays the main electrical measurements of an electrical network, including active and reactive energy counting. The 4 front push-buttons allow immediate display of the relevant measurements concerned, without scrolling all display pages. The display measurement sequence is indicated on each-push button. And the pictures on the right side show the sequence o the displayed values for each key pressure. Thank to the display digits size and to five backlight setting the meter is easy readable even to at large distances and with all light conditions.

New QUBO 96 analysers are available with the following communication interfaces:
- Modbus RTU
- Profibus DPV0
- Ethernet Modbus/TCP & WEBSERVER with internal memory for measurements logging
- Ethernet GATEWAY function, which permits the serial connection of up to 31 additional network analysers with RS485 Modbus
- IEC61850 communication protocol for supervision, control and protection of generation, transmission and distribution systems.
Technical data

display backlit LCD
digits height 13.5mm
max. indication 4 cifre / digits (9999)
decimal point position automatica/automatic
adjustable backlight 5 livelli / 5 levels
readings update < 0,5 sec.
measuring type TRMS
basic accuracy ±0,5%
Un nominal input voltage Un 100÷400V (690V *)
In nominal input current In 1÷5A
input range (1) 10-120% Un, 5-120% In
operating frequency 45...65Hz
VT ratio (max. primary) 1MV
CT ratio (max. primary) 15000A
continuous overload 2 x In; 1.2 x Un
short-term overload 20 x In; 2 x Un (300 msec.)

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