differential protection relay / earth-leakage / DIN rail / flush-mount



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  • Other characteristics:

    digital, differential, RS485, DIN rail, flush-mount, AC/DC


The X...DB3 series earth leakage relays type B are designed to measure the DC, AC and high frequency
leakage current. Thanks to their distinctive feature (the displaying of the leakage current) it is possible to
continuously monitor the insulation state and to program the preventive maintenance in order to avoid
unexpected power breaks. Main functions:
- Continuous digital indication of the leakage current: total RMS, AC fundamental, AC high frequency
- Double threshold: total RMS and DC component
- AC measurements up to 10kHz
- Internal clock and storage of the last 10 events
- Storing of the intervention current values
- RS485 Modbus RTU, measurements, event archive, scope
- Selectable 3rd harmonic filter
- Selectable antifibrillation filter with fire protection 300mA