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    supply chain management, financial management, accounting

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In order to maintain a competitive edge, your cash flow has to be secure. A high-performance credit and receivables management system can help with this. A high amount of receivables is only one side of the coin small and medium-sized industrial enterprises also face significant costs managing complaints. An integrated financial supply chain management system is essential for assessing customers creditworthiness. That way, debtors dont get out of hand.
Increasing cash flow

For credit and receivables management, we assist you during implementation of SAP FSCM as a supplement to your SAP system. An integrated application package allows you to optimize your financial flow, automate your processes and free up capital. It also makes it possible to manage credit and receivables systematically from sales to distribution and accounting. In addition, you can perform company-wide, cross-system credit checks and gather information on customer credit ratings. As a global SAP partner with over 30 years experience, we provide you with FSCM project support from a single source from consulting to implementation, hosting, operation and beyond.