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manual strapping device and tensioner / for steel straps / with seal
A402 / A412



  • Operation:


  • Strap type:

    for steel straps

  • Strap width:

    Max.: 32 mm

    Min.: 19 mm

  • Strap thickness:

    Max.: 1 mm

    Min.: 0.5 mm


Advantages of tensioner model A402
- Designed for round objects and for curved or irregularly shaped packages
- The feed-wheel tensioning system allows unlimited strap take-up
- Very tight strap tension without any tension loss
- The long tension handle permits very high strap tension (with a limited effort)

Advantages of sealer model A412
- The safe upcut double notch joint is accomplished in one stroke
- The installed safety catch guarantees perfect seal joints only
- The specially shaped sealing handle (bent) assures an accident free operation (a crushing of the hands is not possible)
- The distance rubber roll on the lower handle places the handle into the correct position relative to the seal and allows the sealing action to be accomplished with
both handsr