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pneumatic strapping tool / for steel straps / with seal



  • Operation:


  • Strap type:

    for steel straps

  • Strap width:

    Max.: 32 mm

    Min.: 19 mm

  • Strap thickness:

    Max.: 1.27 mm

    Min.: 0.63 mm


- Very high strap tension up to 8500 N / 1900 lbs
- After tensioning, the tool stops to tension, but no strap tension ever is lost (free wheeling system)
- For safety reasons, the strap tension can be released at any time by pressing the
black safety push button
- The rugged tool permits a high strap tension and is particularly suitable for applications in the steel- and steel processing industries
- The tension speed is very high
- Very silent operation of the tool
- The light tool is ideal for non stationary applications