emissions monitoring system / marine / engine emissions / (CEMS) continuous emission
S Keeper 7



  • Applications:

    emissions, marine, engine emissions, (CEMS) continuous emission


S-Keeper 7TM
Modular analysis system for on-board continuous emissions monitoring
Monitoring exhaust gas emissions is crucial to demonstrating compliance with MARPOL Annex VI regulations on sulphur emissions.
Additionally, an EU regulation* requires ship owners and operators to submit a monitoring plan for CO2 emissions by 31 August 2017.

The time to act is now.

For the maritime industry, continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) are growing in popularity, as IMO guidelines** on exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS) prescribe them.

Easy to maintain and calibrate
With simplified installation, hands-free calibration, and a longer maintenance cycle, S-K7™ ensures stable, efficient performance

S-K7™'s specific engineering makes it able to withstand even the toughest marine environment.
On-board maintenance and calibration are easy, even for unskilled crew members, making it possible to save on training costs and time.
The Spare Parts Management Program (SPMP) ensures traceability and availability of every component on the ship's course, leading to further cost savings.
All calibrations are automatic – zero calibration is done once a day, and span calibration is done every two months.
A certified, IMO-compliant analyser
Certified as per RINA Rules, Pt. C, Ch 3, Sec 6; Lloyd's Register Test Spec. 1; DNV Standard for Certification 2.4; and ClassNK.

A smart hub for monitoring and analysis
Able to analyse up to seven different substances
Comes in seven types: Easy-S, Lite-S, Easy, Easy-N, Lite-N, Lite, and full
Fully tailored to ship owners’ requests, with a focus on CapEx and OpEx balance to increase fuel economy while minimizing costs and air pollution.