monitoring software suite / data acquisition / reporting / analysis
CEM System v7



  • Function:

    analysis, monitoring, reporting, data acquisition

  • Applications:

    industrial, combustion process


Fuji Electric develops, installs and maintains turnkey systems for the Continuous Emissions Monitoring of flue gas (CEMS) from the industrial sites and combustion plants according to European Environmental Regulations.
The authorities require the emissions data to be specially computed and reported. We have designed a complete software suite to facilitate the collection, analysis, reporting and generation of statistic control charts requested by the authorities.

Fuji CEM System v7
Fuji CEMS Managerv7 : Data Acquisition and Handling System (DAHS)
•CEMS configuration
•CEMS operation follow-up
•DATA display (digital & graph) and securing (1st local storage)
•Maintenance and calibration modes selection
•DATA handling according to European Environmental Regulation

Fuji CEMS Reportsv7 : Atmospheric emissions reporting system
•Data storage > 10 years
•Recorded on HDD (2nd storage) and DVD or USB (3rd storage)
•Remote display (digital & graph) of environmental data
•Daily, Monthly and Yearly emissions reports edition and printing

Environmental monitoring
•Combustion plants
•District Heating
•CEMS in all type of industry

Validated by French Environmental Authorities
Permanently upgraded to comply with the most recent regulations evolutions
Adapted to single boiler or sequential measurement
Adapted to any type of fuel fired
Adaptable to any type of CEMS
•Data security
Triple data saving system make it impossible to lose data in case of communication or hardware failure
Highly competitive solution