halogen lamp light source / tunable / cold light / for microscopy
KL1500 LCD Series



  • Illumination technology:

    halogen lamp

  • Spectrum:


  • Other characteristics:

    cold light

  • Technical applications:

    for microscopy, machine vision

  • Output power:

    150 W (0.20394 hp)


The SCHOTT KL 1500 LCD cold light source is the performance leader in the field of 150-watt halogen cold light sources. With its outstanding modern design combined with optimized, homogeneous light output and variable light control options, the KL1500LCD light source has been designed for applications in machine vision, Stereo Microscopy and Macroscopy in laboratory, industrial and medical applications. The KL 1500 LCD is available in 120- and 230-volt versions. The KL 1500 LCD cold light source has been approved and certified as laboratory and electromedical device by VDE (230 volt version) and CSA (C/US) (120 volt version). The 230 volt version carries the CE conformity label.