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    alarm, fire detection

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The Alertus© Activation Interface is used to dispatch emergency evacuation message notifications from the Alertus System to

Alert Beacons
LED marquees
Text-to-speech (TTS) interfaces
Public address (PA) speakers
Outdoor giant voice
Fire alarm audio
Computer desktop alerting
Digital signage/cable TV overrides, and more

All alert devices can be collectively managed, activated and monitored from a single, unified, easy-to-use interface. Activation Software Interface Features and Benefits

The Alertus System can disseminate alerts to the following endpoints:

Multicast to VoIP
Alert Beacons and connected peripherals such as panic buttons and overhead LED marquees
Voice Public Address, Fire Alarm Audio systems, or Giant Voice
Digital Signage or Cable TV
Desktop Alert Software
The Alertus System can be activated from a variety of sources including:
The Alertus Activation interface
Third Party Mass Notification Software Services
Common Alert Protocol (CAP) 1.1 Alert Messages
Automated Alert Feeds