air compressor / stationary / motorless / screw



  • Type:


  • Portability:


  • Power source:


  • Technology:


  • Lubrication:


  • Other characteristics:

    low-noise, low-pressure, belt drive

  • Applications:


  • Pressure:

    Max.: 250,000 Pa (36.26 psi)

    Min.: 0 Pa (0 psi)

  • Flow:

    Max.: 3.47 m³/s (441,433.33 ft³/s)

    Min.: 0 m³/s (0 ft³/s)


EfficientThe profile guarantees maximum capacity at minimum energy consumption. In addition, the surface treatment of the rotors makes the RSW resistant to oxidation, meaning performance levels are consistently maintained. RobustThe rotors are designed with wide diameter shafts to reduce the deformation caused by internal and external loads, thereby ensuring the compressor can work efficiently in even the harshest conditions. The bearings have an increased lifespan thanks to the reduced number of revolutions they have to make. The seals for the gas conveyed and lubricating oil are also wear-free. Low noiseThe excellent compression efficiency, guaranteed by the innovative Robuschi rotor profile, means less noise during the compression phase. Together with the low rotor rotation speed (max. 6,000 rpm) and the absence of a step-up gear, this means sound emissions are kept to a minimum. SimpleThe RSW features a traditional belt drive instead of a gear overdrive and, for applications with a reduced thermal speed, uses a simplified lubrication system.