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braided PTFE packing / synthetic yarn / high resistance / for pumps
Style 1925



  • Material:

    PTFE, synthetic yarn

  • Other characteristics:

    high resistance

  • Applications:

    for pumps

  • Operating temperature:

    Min.: -450 °F (-267.78 °C)

    Max.: 500 °F (260 °C)

  • Operating pressure:

    300 psi


The Pump packing Style 1925 the rough resistance and thermal balance of the fiber infused PTFE yarns that provide exceptional abrasion resistance: though they're not abrasive to the shaft, they still reduce equipment wear, though the Style 1925 breaks easily it runs cooler and does not show unstable thermal expansion characteristics, but instead it cuts, hide and installs easily. The service remains flexibel that notably reduced maintenance time. The SYNTHEPAK® yarns show flexibility and resilience as it ensure that every load will be distributed with longer packing and equipment life that is very important in saving cost for materials needed especially with even more traditional blends taht is manufactured by Garlocks

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