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rubber pipe expansion joint / round / flange / for air conditioning
Style 9394



  • Material:


  • Configuration:


  • Installation system:


  • Applications:

    for air conditioning, construction

  • Nominal diameter:

    1,219 mm (47.992 in)

  • Operating temperature:

    205 °C (401 °F)


The Garlock Style 9394 multi-convoluted, lightweight expansion joint has a lightweight design that installs easily and is designed to be used in low pressure situations where a major amount of movement is necessary either axially or laterally. It can be customized to meet exact needs including the type of materials and operating temperatures. Choose between the sleeve or flange design up to 48 inches.

The low spring rate of the joint means it is perfect for load cell, air handling and dough or pellet hopper applications. Pressure without external reinforcing rings is up to 3psi (0.2bar) and with external reinforcing rings up to 15psi (1.0bar). Vacuum without internal reinforcing rings is up to 3" and with internal reinforcing rings up to 15".