slip ring with gold contacts / aluminum / stainless steel / compact



  • Material:

    aluminum, stainless steel

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, with gold contacts, digital, analog, rugged, modular, ATEX

  • Rotational speed:

    Min.: 0 rpm (0 rad.min-1)

    Max.: 500 rpm (3,142 rad.min-1)

  • Number of channels:

    150 unit


For reliable data transmission
The tried-and-tested gold/gold technology from GAT makes ROTOFLUX slip rings a reliable partner for the transmission of power, signals and data. For field-bus or Ethernet communication or the transfer of most delicate analog measuring signals.

Low maintenance and ultimate durability
The combination of gold spring wire and gold-plated slip tracks ensures an unsurpassed service life with very low maintenance requirements – at a consistently high signal quality. Rugged stainless-steel or aluminum housings ensure operation even under extreme conditions.

Designed for custom-made solutions
Thanks to a modular construction kit system, the ROTOFLUX series can be adjusted to your requirements without any problem. The ROTOFLUX series is available in two variants: type ESR for axial installation, and type ESW with free internal passage. Special solutions such as ATEX/IECEx or certifications according to UL/CSA regulations are also available on request.

Technical data
Transmission typeElectric power, analogue signals, digital data
Max. number of poles150
Max. data rate [Mbit/s]100
Max. speed [rpm]500
Max. air connection (“) (optional)G 1
Max. air pressure [bar]10

Extremely compact design for axial installation

Free internal diameter up to 500 mm