equipped electrical enclosure / plastic / for photovoltaic applications / power distribution



  • Type:


  • Material:


  • Application:

    for photovoltaic applications, power distribution

  • Other characteristics:



Competitiveness: A simple and
competitive solution that
permits us to design the unit
choosing the balance between
monitoring cost and
information level upon our
application requirements.
User friendly: Interactive touch
screen with graphic interface
specially adequate on those
small/medium installations (ex.
roof) where information is
directed to a non expert
operator. A specific software
application StringControlto be
used on large scale installations
controlled by expert operators.
Reliability: Independent
measuring by high accuracy
sensors (apr.0.2%) with large
temperature operation range.
Flexibility: Specially flexible
system using cable-through
sensors that can even be
installed to update existing
connection boxes. Underlines
system scalability, we can
collect several strings on a
single sensor and connect
multiple inputs into the
electronic control module.