gas turbine / aeroderivative

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gas turbine / aeroderivative gas turbine / aeroderivative - LM6000PF+


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One of the biggest realities in today’s global market is that efficiency has a direct and critical correlation with an operation’s success. The PF+ is designed specifically with that fact in mind, providing more power with an efficiency that’s nearly a point higher than our old technology. And the design is tuned to make combined cycle highly practical, which is a key factor, especially in parts of Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. The excellent thermal efficiency, high starting torque, and near constant efficiency over a wide range of ambient temperatures (from 50-100°F/10-37°C) make the PF+ ideal for LNG plants and other energy-intensive processes. The PF+ is optimized for mechanical drive in LNG applications — including the ability to start a settled compressor train with no need for a helper motor. With speed flexibility ranging from 50% to 105%, the PF+ can meet ever-changing energy demands to deliver significant cost savings.

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