risk analysis software suite / mechanical / 1D / 3D



  • Function:

    risk analysis

  • Applications:


  • Type:

    1D, 3D


Optimize well plans and proactively prevent potential rock mechanical challenges
From 1D well-centric models to static full-field 3D models, the JewelSuite™ Geomechanics application gives you greater insight into geomechanical risks to prevent nonproductive time and optimize the performance of your wells and reservoirs.

Create powerful models to accurately assess geomechanical risks for better well plans. Define a safe operating window to maximize drilling performance. Minimize drilling risk, all while improving safety.

JewelSuite™ Geomechanics helps you determine proximity to a critical or failure state using stress, pore pressure, and rock mechanical properties on faults and fractures of varying geometry and orientation.

The modular design of JewelSuite™ Geomechanics offers the flexibility to use the modules as standalone tools or in combination for an advanced, integrated geomechanical workflow.