overload relay / voltage / phase sequence / over-current

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overload relay / voltage / phase sequence / over-current overload relay / voltage / phase sequence / over-current - M60


  • Measured/monitored value:

    overload, voltage, phase sequence, over-current

  • Other characteristics:

    three-phase, for electric motors


M60 Motor Protection System is a perfect example of innovative engineering that has been strategically devised for wholesome protection of medium and large sized motors. This system is a part of UR Family that has made possible comprehensive relay designing for management of medium to large horsepower motors. Some of the innovative and strategic features of this line system are sophisticated thermal model, standardized and customized thermal limit curves, working and resting of exponential cooling curves, current unbalance biasing, RTD modules, along with motor compensation (hot/cold). M60 can be suitably used in those applications that need intricate I/O configurations along with high-speed communications. It includes advanced options like analog inputs for vibration observation, voltage dependent overload curves, torsion protection & metering, and broken rotor bar protection. The 469 Motor Protection System, a member of the SR Family of protection relays, is for cover and management of medium to giant H.P. motors and driven instrumentality. 469 Motor Protection System Complete, integrated protection and management of medium and enormous motors.

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