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CNC punching line / hydraulic / bar / for angle pieces
ALFA 500/150



  • Control:


  • Drive type:


  • Product handled:

    bar, for angle pieces

  • Associated function:

    shearing, marking

  • Pressing force:

    600 kN


The ALFA 500/150 is a plate marking, punching, drilling and cutting line that is controlled by a CNC system. It is specifically designed for punching and shearing flat bar and angles. For an upgraded version, a mountable marking unit and a rotary sheer cutter is integrated. This machine is suitable for the fabrication of metal truss frameworks and steel manufacturing as well. Through an automatic carriage unit equipped with pneumatic rollers, flat bars that are 12m long can be fitted and secured with clamps. This line machine is attached with one head punching unit best suited for a maximum diameter of 31 mm.