manual stacker truck / walk-behind / for lifting / narrow-aisle

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manual stacker truck manual stacker truck - WHR5


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    for lifting, narrow-aisle


For inserting warp beams in ribbon looms
The WHR 5 warp beam high lift truck is the ideal machine for warp beam changes on narrow looms with high warp aft frames.
Due to the different warp beam pick-up options, a wide variety of warp beams and warp beam bearings can be handled.
The following types of beams can be picked up:

Tube gripper
Load-bearing trough
Support tubes
Gripper for the warp beam disc

The device is very easy to move due to its central guide wheel and to drive around curves. This ensures precise directional stability, which is important in narrow aisles.
A foot pump with automatic quick lift allows fatigue-free and ergonomically favorable lifting of the load.
Numerous details and features for pleasant working conditions

Smooth running due to large wheels
Ergonomically favorable lifting hydraulics
Guide wheel easy to operate with the foot
Variable warp beam pick-up options