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loading cart loading cart - EE-KHUR 15 OR 6 GEV


  • Type:


  • Material:


  • Intended load:

    reel holder

  • Other characteristics:

    with swivel casters, motorized

  • Carrying capacity:

    600 kg, 1,500 kg (1,323 lb)


Very manoeuvrable one-man QSC machine with a load capacity of 1500 kg for the lower boom and 600 kg for the upper boom.
The drawn-in double chain is taken over by the storage trolley.
The weaving harness is handled as standard by the receptacle for the weaving shafts and contact bars. A special mounting system for the “Stäubli-UNIPORT” method (not included in delivery) is also available.
The harness can be mounted either by the “Stäubli-UNIPORT” method (not included in the scope of delivery) or by the standard mount for the weaving shafts and the contact and dividing bars, or by the complete warp stop motion.
Since the device does not need to bypass the weaving machine with the running gear, it is compatible with the most diverse weaving machine types and widths.
The vehicle is hardly longer than the warp beam and can be turned on the spot. It therefore copes very well with narrow aisles.
Efficient and material-friendly warp beam handling

Suitable for sensitive warp material
Ideal for narrow aisles
Independent of weaving machine bypass dimensions
Single-person operation
With tube grippers for inserting drawn-in double warp beams